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Sports contents X Technology(2)

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We compare sports with the rest of the world from the perspective of "Do, See, Support" as advocated by the Sports Agency of Japan.

In the previous Sports Content X Technology blog, I wrote about "seeing".

This time, we would like to compare the "support" with overseas.

Overseas (mainly in Europe and the U.S.), Techonology is used in various places as shown in the following photos.

Points "supported" by technology

① Purchase tickets via smartphone or PC before going to the venue.

② Reserving and purchasing a parking space at the venue.

③ Purchase merchandise in advance.

④ Communicate with friends inside or outside the venue via the network from the venue.

⑤ Analyze the flow of the crowd at the venue and do the best to avoid congestion at the venue.

⑥ View the play from an angle that has never been seen before by drones.

⑦ Bring fans together from various locations via a network to cheer for the game.

⑧ To sell famous scenes by utilizing NFT.

⑨ Artificial intelligence(AI) in the field of sports will contribute to athletes' performance.

⑩ Athletes' impacts will be analyzed and utilized for impact protection to reduce accidents.

⑪ Analyze athletes' movements for optimal training.

⑫Fan data is collected and analyzed for monetization.

⑬Communication through the network is analyzed to get a bird's eye view.

⑭Communication through the network is analyzed and utilized for real-time reporting.

⑮Provide mobile solutions for fans to enjoy.

⑯Computer vision will allow fans to enjoy the games from anywhere in the venue.

⑰Measure nutrition/hydration to ensure best conditioning.

⑱VAR can be used to determine what the referee is unable to determine.

⑲The contents that the referee cannot judge are judged by measuring sound waves with a high-sensitive stamping microphone along with images.

⑳Development of team apps to provide comfortable and generous fan services for the enthusiastic fans.

There is no end to the points where sports technology is utilized in such invisible areas. It may be interesting to imagine a sports facility you know and check how much sports technology is used in the environment around you. Please try to compare with other countries by yourself.

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