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Develop life skills through sports

Fujiyama Company offers the Gold Medal Mindset Program.

This program is designed to support people who desire personal growth, take action to achieve their goals, and earn their own Gold Medal.

Mindset is important to develop the ability to live, not only in sports.

So what is mindset?


The ability to maintain a strong desire to take on challenges.

The ability to continue to do what you set your mind to do

The ability to believe in one's own potential

The mindset to maximize one's own abilities and achieve high performance with these three abilities.

We think you are interested in how to build a mindset next. So we asked Chat GPT.


First, in Japanese,

What steps should be taken to build a business mindset?

The following are steps for building a business mindset. These steps are general guidelines and should be adjusted to fit your personal situation and goals.

  1. Setting Goals and Establishing a Vision

  2. Learning and information gathering

  3. Assessing Risks and Opportunities

  4. Developing creativity and problem-solving skills

  5. Planning and strategic thinking

  6. Improving communication skills

  7. Facing challenges and developing perseverance

  8. Personal growth and continuous improvement

By practicing these steps, you will build a business mindset and lay the foundation for success in business.


Next in English

What steps should be taken to build a business mindset?

Developing a business mindset involves cultivating a set of attitudes, skills, and approaches that are essential for navigating the world of business and entrepreneurship. Here are some steps you can take to build a business mindset:

  1. Educate Yourself

  2. Stay Curious and Open-Minded

  3. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

  4. Embrace Risk-Taking

  5. Network and Build Relationships

  6. Set Goals and Plan Strategically

  7. Develop Financial Literacy

  8. Adopt a Growth Mindset

  9. Learn from Failures and Setbacks

  10. Practice Effective Communication

  11. Focus on Innovation

  12. Time Management and Productivity

  13. Resilience and Adaptability

  14. Seek Mentorship and Learning Opportunities

Building a business mindset is an ongoing process that requires continuous learning, self-reflection, and a willingness to evolve. By following these steps and remaining committed to personal and professional growth, you can develop the mindset necessary to succeed in the world of business.


The process for building a business mindset in Japanese-speaking and English-speaking countries may seem the same, but they are slightly different. 

Fujiyama Company offers a program that is accepted in the international community. We believe that in the international community, methods implemented in English-speaking countries are more suitable

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