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Touching the diverse values of Indians

Foster a mindset that accepts diversity

Deepening consideration of Japanese business and working style to 20 Indian students

Online presentation

​ Toyo Gakuen University

International Career Program 3 Years


Helping to achieve Olympic goals

Life skill program

Strengthen mindset and self-management skills to achieve goals using sports mentality techniques

​ Chukyo University

Swimming Olympic team


From Sports Tech

Ability to overlook the sports industry

Understand the mechanism of the sports industry, which is a fusion of real and digital. Understand the composition of the new sports industry.

​ISBS team

​ Millennials

Case study

Case Study


While experiencing cricket

Intercultural Team Building​

With Indians with diverse values

Recognize each other's differences

​ How will the team produce results?

​Tokyo Falcon

Manager / Manager

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At the international sports business PBL

Export of used bicycles to India

Millennial PBL edition, transition from "Let's try ~ period" (preparation period) to "Yattemiyou period" (execution period)

​ISBS team

​ Millennials

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Accelerate the realization of dreams

Mindset habituation

I don't know the most about myself! Know your "habit" by analyzing the brain of the life skill app

​ University staff

​Z Generation Career Support

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Try to stop once to get out of your own sickness ​

A workshop for U30s who feel uncomfortable with their way of life and work

"Let's get to know yourself"


Moyamoya layer​

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Sports SDGs project

​ is newly launched as a team

Raise funds based on trust in Suimason and Tubeson activities, and directly support sports sites in developing countries with a purpose

​ISBS team

​ Millennials

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Diversity for administrators

​ Management training

Think about the ideal way of "diversity management" in Japanese and Indian workplaces

​ Japan-India major companies

Manager / Manager

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