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Life skill development through sports

​ Millennials who want to change themselves

For people and teams who want to reach their goals

We support goal setting, behavior change, and mental strengthening.

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FujiYama Vision​

Creating a fair and peaceful society through sports


Everyone is living a happy and fulfilling life


Challenge towards the ideal

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What is life skill?

The power to live a happy and fulfilling life  


To realize the ideal lifestyle

Two important skills

One is the mindset

The ability to maintain a strong feeling and continue what you have decided

A mindset that believes in one's abilities and pushes the limits

The other is self-management 

Understand your strengths and challenges

The power to control one's mind

Founding member of FUJIYAMA

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What we do

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Know how to change yourself

Strengthen mindset to achieve goals

Understand the goal setting process that suits you


Fostering next-generation global leaders

Human resources who can promote transformation even in a tough environment

Toughness that overcomes the international business scene


Make reliable friends

I can see my goals 10 years from now

Deepen understanding of sports business


I can look inside my head

Understand the cause of sickness and sickness

The more you use it, the more you can understand yourself


Yukihiro Fujimura

A fair world with sports

Aiming for a peaceful world through sports

Taking advantage of the sports experience I gained from swimming that I started from an early age, the experience of working for a global company from a sole proprietor, and the experience of living in the United States and Asian countries.

We provide business coaching services for students and working adults, and mindset training services for athletes.


In addition, strategic planning for sports-related companies and sports NPOs / NGOs,

We also provide services such as organizational construction at the same time.

Words from millennials.

・ Speak based on facts.

・ The axis does not move with conviction.

・ It may be too logical and correct.

・ I'm nervous because my remarks are straight.

・ Respect, accept, and do not deny people.

・ Ask honestly what you do not know.

・ Smile is refreshing, kind and caring.

yamamoto pic.jpg

Daisuke Yamamoto

Everyone is trying what they want to do

Aiming for a society that is fun, positive, and full of smiles


Study abroad in the United States after graduating from high school. Founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley, California, he built the first e-marketplace in the commodity industry based in the United States and Malaysia . After returning to Japan , engage in new business development and global projects at a global company.

Learn what you need to enjoy your life from tennis, which has been playing for over 20 years. We provide life skill coaching to students and working people who want to grow, achieve their goals, but are uncomfortable and uncomfortable, using sports mentality techniques .

In addition to his current position, he has been a lecturer in the international career program at Toyo Gakuen University since 2014 .

Bring your racket with you when you are on a business trip or traveling abroad

Enjoy interacting with tennis players from around the world.

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