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Life skills coaching

Understanding the goal setting process that suits you Ability to step on when driven Ability to control your own mind

Using sports mentality techniques, we provide coaching to improve the mindset and self-management skills necessary to achieve goals. We support you to change your behavior .

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  • I want to reach my goal but give up on the way

  • I don't know how to set a goal that suits me

  • Difficult to cause behavior change

  • ​ I tend to give up easily, so I want to acquire the power to do my best

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​ Goal setting process


1. I want to be

Remove the frame you want to be

Feel free to think

What came to my mind

Please write anything

What does that mean?

​ What does it bring to you?


2. Image of goal achievement

Make sure you really want to do it (want to)

What's happening when you're achieving

What kind of sight do you see in your eyes?

What do you feel with your five senses?

What does that mean?

What you want to cherish

​ The purpose of life (what you want to achieve)


3. Required ability

My ability to be

(Ability, knowledge, experience, skills, etc.)

What do you want to do with that ability?

Why do you need that ability?

Student Writing

4. Gap analysis

Compared to my ability to be

Abilities that are not acquired by the current abilities,

Check your abilities already

As for the ability you have

​ For your ability

Let's check what percentage has been reached


5. Action plan

Make a plan to develop the necessary abilities to fill the gap with your desired goal.

10 years later, 5 years later, 3 years later

Make a one-year action plan

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