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Sports x Business x Global

Achieving LIFE IS GOOD through the project

  • Learn your own way of life in a new social system

  • Acquire career design skills and have a vision of your own life

  • Challenge a fun and enriching life based on your own vision with your friends

Develop life skills through sports

What is life skill?

The power to live your life in a fun and free way  


Two important skills to achieve your ideal lifestyle

One is the mindset

The ability to maintain a strong feeling, to continue what you have decided, and the mindset to believe in your abilities and push the limits

The other is self-management 

Ability to understand one's strengths and challenges and control one's mind


To be a new self

Acquisition of self-management and mindset that causes behavior change

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Global skills and mindset through hands-on sports projects


A place to interact with various people

A place where you can talk freely and freely

Build a business with trusted colleagues

What we do

FujiYama services

cricket session 1.jpg

Get to know each other across countries in sports! Cricket, the lifeblood of India!

Japan-India sports online exchange meeting. Members seeking new stimuli and growth gather and learn from each other.

International sports exchange

​ Millennials

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Working on overseas SDGs issues
​ Foster a global mindset

We provide solutions for "environmental sustainability" at sports facilities in India, which has the second largest population in the world.

​ Major Japanese companies

Global human resources


From Sports Tech

Ability to overlook the sports industry

Understand the mechanism of the sports industry, which is a fusion of real and digital. Understand the composition of the new sports industry.

​ISBS team

​ Millennials

Case study

Case Study

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