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Application use case (general coach)

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A woman in her 50s who supports the careers of students at university, a mom graduate who once supported soccer boys and basketball girls. Nowadays, commuting is the only way to move your body without devoting yourself to sports.

Q. How did you use the app?

You can also enter it on your smartphone, so you can use your commuting time to quickly set your goals for today. There are only two questions, so don't think too much about it! ← It's important here! !! The point is to use the subconscious. At the end of the day (night), enter your reflection into the app. This can be answered on a scale, so it doesn't take much time and effort (laughs), and I have two questions at the end. This question also made me feel uncomfortable because I was a right-brained and sensory person, and I felt that it was uncomfortable and stiff. In other words, there is no such thinking habit on a daily basis.


Q. What did you notice using the app?

After about 3 weeks of using it, I was asked to chart the results of the work that only answered the same question. It is a visualization of how "words" occupy the mind and how they perceive things in relation to each other.


I thought that the answer was repeating the same words every day, like a copy, but some of the visualized charts did not reflect those repeated words at all. .. Some words that I didn't feel so conscious of were actually a big driving force for me. What you intend to be positive is reflected in the negative scene, and vice versa ...


Q. What have you learned using the app?

I don't know the most about myself! That is. Exactly, it visualized the situation wonderfully! Now that I can see the inside of my head, which was difficult to organize, I can see the setup of what to do, and the sickness of my heart is organized. When the sickness of the mind is sorted out, the extra anxiety disappears. This is because you first know where to start and what kind of condition you should be able to achieve in order to reduce anxiety. The inside of my head becomes clear and the front of my eyes opens!


Q. What kind of change has happened?

Over the past month, as I used the app, I became able to send messages with a sense of purpose, "What do I want to do?" We organize "what is necessary and what is not necessary for realization" and make short-, medium- to long-term plans and put them into practice. Then, in the past month, the dream that I wanted to fulfill came true, the project started to move toward the realization, and the chance to meet the people who needed it began to come.


Q. How do you want to make use of it in the future?

Have children and young people use the app, what kind of values the person in front of them has, what they value, what is the bottleneck and what is going wrong? ?? From the many words that the person accumulated and recorded every day, the habits of the thoughts and behavior patterns analyzed by the app can be visualized, and the person and the trainer can see and verify the same thing! !! Since it will be easier to have a common understanding, improvement and resolution will be quicker, and it will be easier to set up a process for achieving the goals beyond that.

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