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Application usage example (general user)

User profile

A man in his early 30s who works for a major Japanese company. Expected by the company as a future global leader candidate, participated in global training (3 months) in India.


The image of the leader 10 years from now

"A leader with inclusiveness. A person who recognizes the values of various types of subordinates and has the ability to agree and unify the values and thinking directions to some extent in order to organize the organization. I want to be a good leader.

Q. How did you use the app?

I used it for my daily review during the training period (3 months) in India. First, set long-term goals (3 months), medium-term goals (1 month), and short-term goals (1 week) for training in India, and what you noticed and felt through daily training activities to achieve them. I wrote it honestly.


Q. What did you notice using the app?

Looking at the app's sentiment analysis report, I noticed my negative thought patterns. When something unexpected happened in India or things didn't go as planned, I realized that I was frustrated and emotional, and that I was acting in a way that revealed distrust to those around me.


Q. What have you learned using the app?

Even in the same situation, the scenery you can see from there will change completely! !! Negative thinking is strictly prohibited. How to take this situation positively and think positively. You should identify and reflect on what you need to reflect on, but you don't have to hate yourself or drag your regrets anymore. If you change your mindset, the way you see the situation will definitely change! I learned that.


Q. What kind of change has happened?

My axis has become clearer and I have come to value it. I will cherish my axis with positive words such as inflexibility, foolishness, not negative, but reasoning, honesty, and honesty. Also, when I was at a loss, I wanted to create a mechanism to immediately reconsider what I should do and what I want to be.


Q. How do you want to make use of it in the future?

In the future, even if a difficult thing happens, how will it be the food for achieving my goals in the future, or how will it be used? From this point of view, objectively view the situation that you think is "spicy". I want to practice every day to bring negative thoughts to the plus.

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