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Life skill app

It is an application that visualizes the growth of the mind

Through daily practice and activities

Confirm your will and achievement for your goals

By grasping your own positive and negative thinking patterns, the points to train your mind will be clear.


Training / coaching

We provide training and coaching to improve mindset and self-management skills using sports mentality techniques.

We analyze the data of the life skill app and give feedback to support mind strengthening and behavior habituation.

  • Self-awareness (self-awareness)

  • Goal setting / life plan

  • Self management

  • Athletes mind


Human resources development consulting

We will clarify the issues of teams and organizations and support the formation of teams to produce results. We propose the most suitable human resources development and training program that meets the needs of our customers.


Overseas training (India / Vietnam)

This is a hands-on training in which teams work on issues presented by local companies in emerging Asian countries where Japanese common sense does not apply. You will acquire mental toughness that will overcome the international business scene. This training is recommended for companies who want young and mid-career employees to experience overseas business and acquire a mindset that is active globally.

Services: コースとプログラム内容
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