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Program and application use cases (coach)

The coach noticed and changed his mind and changed his behavior (behavior change)

  • Should approach my idea

  → I have come to think that there are various ways of thinking.

  • Understand my thoughts without being told

→ I started to show that this is what I am thinking.

  • I don't know why I'm doing this

→ The idea is to support the players

  • Players should just follow silently

→ We are looking for a better way while listening to the opinions of the players.

  • My idea is decent

→ There are various ways of thinking and understanding

  • See my mood

→ I try to convey it in words

  • If you ask me, I will answer

→ I try to go to hear from here

  • If you put out a schedule

→ Set a schedule and recommend actions according to it

  • Do it without saying that much!

→ Don't blame what you can't do

  • Can't you do that?

→ Talk about what you can't do and why you shouldn't do it


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