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Use cases of programs and apps (athletes)

What the athlete learned in sports and reaffirmed by speaking in an interview or writing out with the app

  • Efforts will be rewarded. Those who are rewarded are thinking and proceeding. Those who are not rewarded are fooling around. What is rewarded and not rewarded is the difference.

  • Even if there is a difference in your own way and way of thinking and you are wondering, it may evolve if you continue to do it.

  • If people with the same consciousness communicate with each other, they will naturally be motivated and can naturally enhance each other.

  • The importance of continuing If you continue, you can reach the national convention

  • Practice is quality, not quantity. Understand the meaning of what you have learned to think to achieve results in a limited amount of time, and think about what to do.

What athletes realized after thinking about their future goals

  • I could see what I wanted to be when I was 30 years old.

  • I could set my sports goals right away, but I was surprised that my 30-year-old goal didn't come out.

  • I was able to set goals for sports right away, but I have to train to set goals for the future.

What you did (behavior change)

  • I drew my own future goals and began to think concretely about the necessary abilities.


What the world's top athletes noticed and did (behavior change)


Hold a 1% improvement meeting a day to achieve the goal



  • Take action before pain occurs (inner gymnastics / stretching)

  • Difference between conscious movement and actual movement Video / Advice from a third party

  • Check each other as a team after the main set


Life aspect

  • Hand wash sterilization

  • 8 hours sleep

  • Meal time 3 meals regularly

  • Keep the room clean

  • Gymnastics / stretching before exercise (within 20 seconds)

  • Sleeping clothes (loose or not) (warm and humidified)


Before the match

  • Assumption of every scene

  • Confirmation of new facility location Toilet location, changing room location, distance from sub-venue to main venue, meeting place, etc.

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